FAQ - frequently asked questions

Q : I haven't received an order completion email yet.

A : If you enter an email address that uses a domain specific to your mobile phone company, such as ezweb.ne.jp, docomo.ne.jp, or softbank.ne.jp, your email may be rejected due to filters or device settings. There is

Q : How many days will it take to receive the product after placing an order?

A: Basically, we always ship the products by Yamato Transport within the next business day after you place your order at the latest. If you live in Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku, etc., it will take 1 day to reach you after shipping, but if you live in Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, etc., it will be delivered in the morning of the next day at the earliest.

Q : About new brands and sales plans for new products.

A : We will inform you about new brands and new product sales in advance on the LINE official account. Please register as a friend.

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Q : Regarding deferred payment.

A : Please refer to the page linked below for details on pay-in.

Paidy Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the sold out products be restocked?

A : Of course, we will resell the products that we have received many restock requests from time to time. Please use the "restock request" button at the bottom of the sold out product page.

Q : What are the payment methods?

A: Various credit card payments - VISA / JCB / Mastercard / American Express - including Amazon Pay and PayPay / LINE PAY / Apple Pay / Google Pay / Paidy etc. are available.

Q : Is gift wrapping possible?

A : It is possible.

GIFT / gift wrapping

Q : I don't know how to use the gift card.

A : When you purchase a product, there is a field for entering a gift code on the payment screen of the payment method. Then enter the code of your gift card and it will be applied.

Q : Can I use multiple gift cards at the same time?

A : Of course you can. Please enter each gift code on the same payment screen.

Q : Does the gift card have an expiration date?

A : Basically there is no expiration date. If there is an expiration date set for a special reason, we will state that in the email when sending the gift card.

Q : Can I check the delivery status during delivery?

A : You can check it in the email that we send you after the shipment is completed. Yamato Transport's tracking number is also included, so you can track it yourself.

Q : How to log in

A : You can log in from the menu on the top page. For smartphone screens, log in from the menu icon on the top left (account icon on the top right of the screen for PC screens).

Q : I haven't received an order confirmation email or a shipping completion email after placing an order.

A : If you have registered an email address that uses a domain specific to a mobile carrier, such as au, docomo, or softbank, there may be cases where the email does not arrive due to filters.

Q : Can I change the registered details of my account?

A : If you change your address, name or phone number, please create a new account or send us an email and we will change the details at any time.